Five Hundred Card Game

McGill University, September 2012-December 2012.

This computer version of the card game Five Hundred is a collaborative effort involving Ioannis Fytilis, Stephanie Pataracchia, Gerald Lang, and myself. Engaged in by four players, Five Hundred is an absorbing and challenging card game resembling Euchre. It originates in the U.S.A. and enjoys enormous popularity in Australia. We implemented this game in Java collectively as a class project based on a slight variation of the standard Five Hundred. The software is featured in its support for both automatic and interactive playing mode as well as the flexibility to select robot players among three different intellectual levels.


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  • Click me to download the jar file and play the stimulating card game right now!
  • View the java code on GitHub

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any technical support or have any kind of suggestions!

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